Faulty car bulbs are the most common reason for MoT fails

Faulty car bulbs are the most common reason for MoT fails

A recent survey of geographic MoT failures by the Telegraph has shown the prime common failure to be vehicle lighting systems, including car bulbs. Bradford has topped the table in this category with the most failures for lighting and signalling problems.

Figures show that 352,000 of the total first time MoT vehicles failed. 20% of this figure had failed due to problems with lighting and signalling.

To avoid your lighting system causing an inconvenient MoT fail you should check these areas before presenting your vehicle for test.

•    Headlight bulbs - Low beam & High beam
•    Headlight Aim
•    Sidelights
•    Brake lights
•    Side repeaters
•    No. plate lights
•    Fog lights
•    Hazard warning lights or emergency lights
•    Left and right, front and rear indicators
•    Rear number plate light

In addition to these requirements, new Mot legislation ensures testers focus on the compatibility and function of aftermarket lighting products such as retrofitted HID lights and LED halogen replacement products. Fitting non-compliant aftermarket products could also leave you with a fail sheet.

PowerBulbs recommends replacing of all bulbs with original equipment quality to ensure optimum light and function. See our website for your lighting needs before your MoT.

Image credit: flickr