PIAA Hyper Arros Ion Yellow Car Headlight Bulbs

Designed and engineered by Japanese company PIAA, the Hyper Arros Ion Yellow range offers a unique, yellow projection of light with a colour temperature of 2500K.

Not only does PIAA’s meticulously designed yellow light beam offer a bold styling advantage, but it also achieves a vast enhancement to visibility when driving through poor weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow and sand/dust.

The PIAA Hyper Arros Ion Yellow car bulbs range is available in popular fittings such as H7 and H4. Buy today with free worldwide delivery and warranty.


PIAA Hyper Arros Ion Yellow H11 (Twin)

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  • 2500K yellow light colour
  • Improves sight in poor weather
  • Styling bulb
  • Not road legal

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