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Don't get stranded with a tyre puncture - choose Slime. Their range of Emergency Tyre Repair Kits can save you time, money, and hassle when you get caught out on the road.

Slime Smart Emergency Tyre Repair Kit

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  • Effective, quick tyre repair
  • Strong, easy-to-use sealant
  • Includes high-power 12V air compressor
  • 500ml sealing liquid

$61.05 AUD

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  • Up to 12 months free warranty

Why should I use car care products?

Whether you’re just having a spring clean, or restoring your headlights, car care is an important part of vehicle maintenance that shouldn’t be ignored.

Using a headlight restoration kit can help to remove yellowing and minor scratches to your headlight unit. This will make your car look great, as well as helping your bulbs shine through the lens more efficiently.

Looking to tidy up your paintwork? Check out Quixx’s range of products, including the Paint Repair Pen and Paint Scratch Remover, which will help to cover up or remove minor imperfections.

If you want to freshen up the interior of your vehicle, choose Wurth. Their range of products include interior air sprays and fresheners. You can also browse their range of brake cleaning and rust removers, helping you keep on top of your vehicle maintenance.

Do you drive a convertible? Look after your soft top with Renovo. Leather Ultra Proofers and Soft Top Revivers work on old and new convertibles, keeping your car looking fresh and new.