See and Be Seen on Your Motorcycle

See and Be Seen on Your Motorcycle

Did you know it is just as easy to upgrade your bike bulbs as it is your car? Whilst riding a motorbike you are 50 times more likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries should you be involved in a collision. Improving your visibility can be as simple as upgrading your motorcycle headlight bulb.

Typically, motorcyclists operate headlight bulbs during both the day and night for one purpose: to be seen. Halogen bulbs deteriorate over time until eventual failure. It's safe to assume a motorbike will consume a bulbs' life much faster than a car, considering its extended use and increased vibration.

Choosing the right bulb

Firstly, the quality of the bulb you choose is paramount.  A bulb could operate under more stress whilst used in a motorbike. Consequently, buying an Original Equipment part over a spurious one will make certain you get the best possible lifespan. Usually motorcycle and car bulbs use common fitments, meaning that you can use a car bulb in a motorcycle. It is recommended that you check your motorcycle handbook to find out which fitting is required.

Whether you are a Sunday afternoon scratcher or a seasoned commuter, being seen by other road users is crucial. The bulb you choose can complement your type of riding. There are two categories of bulbs suitable for motorcycles: Maximum Performance and Styling.


Generally these Styling bulbs are tinted blue and available in all common motorbike fitments such as H4, H7 and H1. The blue tint to the glass of these bulbs filters out yellow light. This gives the bulb a distinct white/blue light during the day and at night, a look similar to that of Xenon HID headlights. This distinct white colour created by the tint does comes at detriment to light output. However, these bulbs do offer up to 30% more light than a standard OE quality bulb.

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Maximum Performance

Maximum Performance bulbs, unlike Styling, have a colour temperature similar to a standard halogen and are available in the same array of motorcycle fitments as Styling bulbs. Using a combination of Xenon and halogen gases alongside an innovative filament design allow these bulbs to give up to 130% more light on the road than standard OE bulbs. Double the light on the road helps you to see more and to be seen quicker.

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Buying Your Bulbs

Both these types of bulbs are built by Original Equipment Manufacturers such as Philips and OSRAM to industry set standards ensuring you a guaranteed a level of quality that you can rely upon. 

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