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Xenon HID Bulbs & Lamps

Xenon HID fittings will be either a D2R, D2S, D1R, D1S, D3S or D4S. We find that customers generally need to change these after around 4 years. If one of your HID bulbs fails then it's likely that the other one will fail shortly afterwards. For that reason we advise changing these in pairs.

Our HID bulbs are sold individually so be sure to add 2 to your basket.

Don't have HID Lights on your car? Don't worry, you can still upgrade.

If you do not have a xenon gas discharge system then you can still benefit from increased light output by using upgrade halogen headlight bulbs. Find the right bulbs for your car.

Maximum Performance

Philips Xenon Xtreme Vision D2R (Single)

4.5 Based on 2 customer reviews

  • 50 % more light on the road
  • 20 % more brightness
  • Improved side perception
  • Maximum performance and safety

$159.59 USD

  • In stock
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Free 12 month warranty

Philips Xenon Vision D2R (Single)

4.0 Based on 2 customer reviews

  • High quality replacement
  • Excellent value
  • Fully road legal
  • Philips European quality

$92.36 USD

  • In stock
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Free 12 month warranty