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OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)
OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

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OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

4.8 Based on 35 customer reviews - Write a Review

  • 3600K
  • Maximum Performance
  • 110% more light
  • Up to 35m longer light beam

Why buy me?

Choose OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited car bulbs if maximum performance and light output are the features you look for in a headlight. There’s nothing worse than struggling to see the road ahead while driving at night, but if you upgrade your standard headlight bulbs to OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs you’ll never look back.

These high-tech car bulbs from OSRAM provide up to 110% more light on the road compared to your standard headlight bulb and this increase makes a huge difference to night time driving. In addition to more light, you’ll also notice the light beam produced is significantly longer and the colour of the light is whiter than standard too. All-in-all, the OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited headlight bulbs are the cream of the crop in the world of upgrade headlight bulbs.     


Features and benefits

  • Up to 110% more light in comparison to a standard bulb for a comfortable and fatigue free drive
  • Up to 35 metres longer light beam than a standard bulb resulting in better visibility and an increase in reaction times
  • The partial cobalt coating of the glass body contributes to up to 20% whiter light
  • The pleasant light effect produced makes night time driving much easier and less tiring
  • The patented blue ring coating helps to reduce back glare
  • Optimised inert filling gas formula for more efficient light production
  • Robust coil design for higher resilience
  • Eye-catching design with partial blue coating and silver cap

The technical bit


Number of bulbs: 2 (Blister packs)
Brand: OSRAM
Fitting: H11
Bulb type: Maximum Performance
Voltage: 12V
Wattage: 55W
Road legal: Yes
Colour temperature: 3600K
Lumens: 1350 lm


Technical Information

Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Write a Review

Customer Reviews

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Great Upgrade!

Very pleased with the color (white) and brightness of these bulbs in my 2011 STI in projector housings. Best bulbs I've tried so far.

By Dave B. on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Great Company

Very helpfull customer service. bulbs arrived quickly and have made a bright difference to night driving

By Alistair on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Great light output

I bought these after reviewing information about headlight bulb types and what makes a bulb brighter then another and more focused so it puts the light where your reflector was designed to put it than other bulbs These are bright and I can tell the difference from the stock bulbs (and a bunch of different "Super White" blue tinted ones that I subsequently removed and reinstalled my stock bulbs) .. unlike those others these bulbs are worth it and Power Bulbs had them for a very good price!

By D B on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Best for the price

Purchased these bulbs after getting the high/low beams. I really don't operate my vehicle much at night but when I do I have noticed a VERY DIFFERENT. Viewing ability. These bulbs help illuminate much more than the factory bulbs they replaced. If you want a safer ride at night then these are the bulbs for you. The shipping was free and prompt . Had to call customer service once and they were attentative to resolving my issue. Great products+ great customer service = power bulbs !

By Stef From Philadelphia,Pa on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Excellent fog lights

Nice and bright, white fog lights easy to fit into my fiesta mk6. Got these bulbs initially for headlights (9003 (HB2/H4) size) was impressed so replaced fog lights with the H11s. Very good bulbs, yet to see how long they last we'll see when winter comes round!

By Matt B on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

4 globes

much brighter whiter light. swapped them for the standard globes in my lexus.happy

By Peter on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Great halogen upgrade

I was using Philips XtremeVision before switching to Night Breaker Unlimited. It is much whiter and a little bit brighter with Osram. Overall I am very happy with this light bulb.

By David T. on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 osram nightbreakers h11

Very good quality light bulbs,exactly as advertised,big difference compared to stock bulbs.I will them buy again.

By Nick on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Easy transaction

Got sent to 3 different stores on the central coast to find h11's and was finally told by last retailer could drive to Newcastle or Sydney to get them. Str8 online to powerbulbs made my selection, paid and 5 days later had bulbs in the car. Easier than dealing face to face with fools

By Shawn (Australia) on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Quick Delivery

Only took a week to be delivered to Australia, very quick and reliable service. I have dealt and been happy with the last bulbs for my old car so expect the same with these.

By Timpon on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited

The globes took just over 2 weeks to get to me in Perth Western Australia, however worth waiting for, price is good. I just fitted them to my 2011 Land Cruiser, very easy to fit and a very worthwhile improvement to the lights

By Graham on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Excellent service.

Great price, fast dispatch! Absolutely brilliant. Definitely use again.

By Pete on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 H11 Powerbulbs

Outstanding bulbs,very,very pleased with purchase. Exacting as represented!

By Twindad on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited

These bulbs are what they claim to be. They are brighter for distance and side to side. They are installed in my Lincoln MKX. They are an excellent product and would not hesitate to order them again. BTW I live in Ontario Canada

By Robert on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Destroys OEM lights!

These bulbs are awesome in my wife's Mitsubishi RVR with projectors. Having gotten rid of her hid's and coming to these obviously don't compare closely, but OSRAM's definitely surprises me with the quality of light! These are WAAAAY better than the OEM lights though, much whiter and brighter! These light up the road very well, and a long distance away (be sure to aim your projectors/headlamps properly for best result.) These are a bit whiter than the Philips X-treme Vision's in my 2013 Honda CRV, but are both so close in the final result. If I had to lean towards one it'd be the Philips, but that is biased as they're in my car! You can't go wrong with either though. The only thing to compare later on is the life of both and loss of quality over time.

By Delan on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Night Breaker H11

These bulbs really made a difference in how I can see at night.

By Rick on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

4 Nice bulb

I purchased the OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 bulbs to replace a burned out OEM bulb in my 2012 Toyota Sequoia. The light is nice, not sure the light is either as bright or as white as I anticipated it being based on the marketing info. Nevertheless, it does provide nice light.

By Ryan on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Best rating 5

Quick dispatch. Brightest bulbs I've tried on my bike. Great improvement for my bike ! Thanks !

By Bjørn Olaf Anderssen on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

4 To yellow

Some weeks ago I ordered these bulbs, delivery and all was perfect, however the lights are to yellow. I hoped to have them more matching with my 5000K headlights from the Audi A5.

By Bart on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

4 osram unlimited h11

Bought these h11 night breaker unlimited for the wifes 2013 Honda accord sedan. The beam is very "cut" at the top portion but does project a bit further than the stock Phillips bulb. I was expecting more of a white light than these delivered and they may be a bit whiter than the Phillips but not by much. overall a bit disappointed, was hoping for more of a cleaner brighter white halogen light, instead they are just a tad brighter and for the price and shorter life span , in my opinion not worth the bother or expense.

By Kevin C on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

2 Limited Life

Just nearly four months and one bulb has failed. Suspect the other will also go very soon so Im not too confident in these bulbs.

By Dee on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Aprilia Tuono Lights

Great lights work as described, big improvement over standard lights

By Peter on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Aprilia Tuono 1000R

Great product I was dubious but they really do improve night vision considerably. quick tracked delivery as well.

By Peter on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Good deal

Very good product received in good conditions and very quickly.thanks and best regards.

By Avon on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Replacement bulbs

Purchased Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited H11 bulbs to replace original yellow and dull bulbs in my Landrover Freelander 2.These new bulbs are so much better. They are brighter and whiter and I can now see the road ahead so much clearer what ever the weather. would definitely recommend these bulbs.

By Roverman on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Good upgrade

Was looking to upgrade the standard yellow bulbs that came stock with vehicle. Purchase Osram Night Breaker Unlimited. Very pleased with the white color of the bulbs. Give off pleasing light and is much brighter than stock bulbs. Also istalled Osram led parking lights to compliment. What a difference in the look and visibility. Vehicle now has a high end look at night. Would recommend.

By Joe on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Just the job

Excellent service and fantastic product. Would recommend the Osram Night Breaker and Powerbulbs to everyone.

By Cliff Davis on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Nice upgrade!

Purchased these for my 2013 Escape. They are a very nice upgrade over stock. I am running Sylvania Siverstar Ultras and Phillips Xtreme Vision in my other vehicles and these new Night Breakers are the best yet.

By Rich S. on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 low beam

The new H11 low beams are definitely brighter than the standard and fit in 5 minutes. Well worth the effort and saved a trip to the dealer.

By Graeme on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Osram Night Breaker

Excellent service and the bulbs make a real big difference to my night driving which consists of a lot of unlit farm road driving, much whiter, wider and brighter beam. PowerBulbs you get a big high five from me, thank you!

By John Faver on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Wow

Having purchased several upgrade headlight bulbs. This is the time that you can notice the difference much brighter and longer beam throw.Well worth the extra cost.

By Steve Webb on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 NIght Breaker Unlimited

First time using night breakers bulbs. Can't give a review about comparing to the old ones, but I can say that I had H9 bulbs installed initially. The Night Breakers Unlimited give a nice white glow with a increased bulb brightness compared to a traditional yellow bulb. I like how these bulbs let out the most important part where the center filament is clear to allow full lumens to shine. Looking at the headlight while being on you can notices the sides giving off a slight blue hue to throw the whiteness out there. Overall, I can see great at night compared to standard h11s. Wasn't as bright as my h9s but the whiteness makes up for it producing a bright and also slight white light. So far I love this product. Can't comment on longevity yet, but these are a great upgrade compared to xtravision and silverstar zxe which I've used before. Main reason for buying these were to get a whiter light vs standard bright yellowish white headlights.

By Spboy on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 one giant leap

Very nice product. You can feel what's the different from Night Breaker. And finally my Prius have a headlight.

By C.J. Wu on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Very bright even white light...

I installed these in a 2011 Kia Sorento with projector lenses. They replaced an aged pair of the Night Breaker Plus bulbs. The Unlimiteds have a nice clean white output. The color is as close to a true white as you can get, no blue tint on the output. The light reaches out pretty far however your lenses will dictate this more than anything unless you're using these for your high beams. Overall I am happy with these and will put them in my truck when time to replace. Powerbulbs shipped them out quickly and I received them on the West coast of the US in about 5 days which isn't bad. Powerbulb's customer service was also second to none. Highly recommend these guys for your bulbs.

By Matt V on

OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H11 (Twin)

5 Super Bright

Im a taxi driver working always night shift with Toyota avensis 2010 model. I replaced the manufacture dipped beam light to Osram night breaker light.super bright and excellent also this light UV/plastic cover friendly. Shame toyota.....

By Lawrence Kebiraja on

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