FORD KUGA (2012 onwards) Car Headlight Bulbs


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FORD KUGA (2012 onwards)

Dipped Beam (Headlight)

This is the beam you use for normal night time driving.

Full/High Beam (Headlight Flasher)

This is the beam you use when driving on country roads or flashing oncoming traffic.

Front Fog Lamp

The fog/spot lights used at the front of the vehicle.

Side/Parking Lamp

This is the first switch on your headlights and is a small bulb that you would normally use whilst parking or at dusk.

Daytime Running Lights

Daylight running lights are strips of LED lights, which you can fix to your vehicle for increased safety and styling.

Bulb Position Fitting  
Dipped Beam (Headlight) H7 (499) Shop Now
Full/High Beam (Headlight Flasher) H15 (715) Shop Now
Front Fog Lamp H10 (9145) Shop Now
Side/Parking Lamp W5W (501) Shop Now
Daytime Running Light KitsLED Kit Shop Now
  •   Number Plate Lamp - W5W (501)

  •   Cornering Lamp - H11

This vehicle may also be equipped with cornering lights which require a H11 bulb.

We also recommend checking your vehicles user handbook to verify the fog light fitting.