Osram Night Breaker Laser H7 Car Headlight Bulbs


OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

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The new innovation in light has arrived! The OSRAM Night Breaker Laser range is the ideal choice for drivers who want maximum performance combined with new technology and a striking look.

Laser precision

The new OSRAM Night Breaker Laser range is uniquely designed to offer optimal performance and a striking look. A laser etched precision window ensures optimal light distribution on the road, meaning that you'll get a precise beam that's up to 40m longer than a standard halogen.

The pure Xenon gas filling, combined with a highly engineered filament, produces up to 130% more light on the road and a light that's up to 20% whiter than standard.

The bulb itself is etched with 'Night Breaker' for a distinctive appearance.

Maximum performance

With this extra light on the road, the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser increases your visibility of the road ahead. You'll be able to spot potential hazards with ease.

All Night Breaker Laser bulbs are fully road legal and ECE approved.

OSRAM Approved Partner

Counterfeit bulbs are an increasing problem in the automotive industry. OSRAM are now fighting back against fake lamps, and are helping customers to make the right choice when buying online.

As part of their Approved Partner Programme, we are authorised and recommended by OSRAM. When you shop with us, you’re getting the highest quality, genuine products, supplied to us directly by the manufacturer.

You can find out more about OSRAM’s Approved Partner Programme here.

Please note: due to their increased brightness, these bulbs are expected to have a shorter lifespan. We can only offer a 6 month warranty on the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser range.

FittingH7 (499)
Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Kelvin Rating
Road LegalYes
RangeNight Breaker Laser

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Customer Reviews

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

4 ****

Great Bulbs. Great Service.

By Ste on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Great value

Good packaging for transport and great value replacement from stock bulbs. PB is also much cheaper than retail in Australia, about 50% less!

By DB on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7

Very happy with purchased! Good light bulbs.

By Mike Tran on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Amazing

After experimenting with various levels of disappointment over the last few years, I have finally tried these bulbs. WOW!!! This is the first time that any headlight bulbs have actually done what they claim. I am genuinely so impressed. I'm also relieved that I can now see down all the lanes where I live. A major safety improvement.

By James Smith on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Osram bulbs

Great product, great delivery. 2nd set of these as keeping them as spares, wouldn't go anywhere else.

By Brian on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 OSRAM Night Breaker Laser

Nice product, Very fast delivery. Easy to Install SUPER, more light

By J.F.A. on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 osram bulbs

brill ordering 4 more my car

By John on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)




OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Bright lights!

At last I can see at night, put these in a 2013 VW Passat to replace the candles fitted from standard, they are superb and worth every penny

By Grizzy on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Very bright white light

Took these as replacement for Philips Extreme Vision, which are already significantly better than standard lightbulbs, but these Osram bulbs are clearly better still. Very good even light. It does say the life expectancy is lower but the Philips ones also did not last me too long and Philips warranty told me normal use does not fall under warranty so I guess this is something inherent to all high intensity lights. So in time I will be buying these again.

By Yukio on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

3 Not sure

Maybe I expected too much from these bulbs but to be honest I didn't see much difference from the standard bulbs, I am just a tad disappointed.

By John on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

4 osram

so far the osram laser have performed will,but it has only been a few weeks of use,all in all ,powerblubs is a company i would buy there products again with there free shipping and discounted codes

By RON on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent Lighting

I just put these into my 2002 Volvo S40. These Night Breaker Bulbs are excellent. Really throw light on the road and add distance visibility that is crisp.

By P. Sweeney on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Osram night breaker

Very good bulbs great light distribution, very bright

By Keith on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 I can see in the dark

Fitted these to my citroen c crossed now I can see in the dark country roads best headlights I ever had. Bright and great distance. Just what I needed.

By Robert Astbury on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Osram NightBreaker Laser

Delivery was rather fast which took 7 days to Singapore. Bulbs are much brighter than the “blue” coloured ones I had. Price is great especially with the oct discount. Will buy again when need arises.

By KC Ng on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

4 Bright road ahead

Bought these ones as I needed more light on the road because I travel a lot at night. They do give much brighter light, white ish in colour. Whether the light reach is longer I don't know, I don't think so, and even if than difference isn't noticeable on my Astra 2016.

By Aleksander on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Good Quality Bulbs

These bulbs produce a whiter brighter light than my original bulbs. I would definitely recommend these bulbs.

By Mark on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 bulbs

Excellent purchase gives a brilliant light when fitted to my Focus makes the road a lot clearer when on in the dark. recommended.

By Klatu on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

4 OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 i30

Unimpressed with the quality of the standard headlights on a new i30 (Halogen). Fitted up four(4) H7's and I have a better spread, further distance and cleaner light. They have improved the safety of the vehicle as a result - a very good safety upgrade.

By Greg on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Best ever

Top quality bulbs, superb vision

By Andyb on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Great bulbs - as expected

Great bulbs - nicer and brighter than the stock halogens on a mk 7.5 golf. Not quite led white against the DLR's but much better. Great service from PowerBulbs and will likely use again or recommend if anyone needs bulbs. Thanks guys!

By Ant on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

3 Great service - average bulb

As always PowerBulbs offered great service. The bulbs however weren't great offering fairly average spread of light. Although they were slightly better than the standard bulb and removed some of the dull patches, I can't really recommend them.

By Brett T on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Osram H7 healdlight bulbs

Great bulbs, quick delivery!

By Andrew on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Excellent and bright replacement for my GTI

Replaced OEM with the OSRAM, as living in the Pacific NW, things tend to get dark quickly in the rural areas. Significant improvement over OEM. A worthy alternative for headlights.

By RJS on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

4 Exelent perfomance

Im giving them 4* becoase they lasted just 4 month. Theyr performance is the best. better than philips night racer. If you want durabiliti and performance take the unlimited...

By Beroshima on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 H7


By Perra on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 And there was light.

much better than original light bulbs,super nice!!!

By Smorgasbord on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Jaguar XF bulbs

Excellent service. Quick delivery and good quality.

By Dennis on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 excellent!!

amazing bulb my mercedes c204 the light is much better more visibility nice color original osram !!!!!!!

By John on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Brilliant

Purchased the bulbs for my wife's smart car as she said the lights where very poor. They are absolutely brilliant, the difference is incredible. Superb buy.

By Les Merry on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

4 A bit on the yellow side

These bulbs were a great improvement over my OEM bulbs however they appear to be more on the yellow/white side than white/blue which I was hoping for. Delivered to Australia within 7 days.

By OSRAM Night Breaker Laser Review on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

4 H7 Globes for Golf

The new Osram H7 globes I put into my 2017 Golf Highline definitely offer improved brightness and a white light experience which is great. One issue that came to my attention with the changeover is the new globes do not activate when I remotely unlock the car (and provide general light around the car) like the original ones....not sure why. I would also mention that the Golf engine bay is very cramped and what I thought would be an easy process to change the globes over was a nightmare...just no access between the back of the light housing and the car fuse box on the lefthand side and wiring on the righthand side of the car. Needed to move the light housing forward and then instal the globes. Very unpleasant job that took about 1 hour.

By Mark on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Osram Nightbreaker

Fitted these to a Vauxhall Corsa 2008, improvement is 100% over standard bulbs.

By Anthony Chick on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Good price, good service

Great product at a good price. Arrived in Australia within 7 days of order.

By John Lowry on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 good value

a doddle to order, dispatched and received in 3 days [I live in the Netherlands!], easy to fit, great in use, goodbye tungsten hello xenon. have it!

By Andythegreek on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

4 Easy fit, good brightness.

Last one lasted just over a year - not sure if that's good or bad.

By Huddy on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7

Powerbulbs prices are great and delivery to Aus was only a few days. Night Breaker Laser H7 bulbs are brighter than stands H7 bulbs.

By Rob on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Illuminating upgrade

I bought these for my 2008 ford s-max as I do a lot of night shifts . Easy to fit on his Ford and at night you can see the complete difference from standard bulbs . Brighter , wider beam and a longer beam as well . Well worth the money , just see how long they last.

By Fjr Tony on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Great lighting bulbs

Great lighting, strong beam, noticeable improvement over regular halogen bulbs. Hope that the lifespan would be worth the extra price

By ZvikaH on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 great product

i was using the previous nightbreaker from osram and i must say the new ones were money well spent

By Paola on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Bulbs

Did what they said Great service came on time

By Tim Beech on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Great upgrade

These replaced a pair of Night Breaker Bulbs and I was surprised at the difference. Brighter & whiter light. Would recommend them

By GP on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Well worth fitting

These bulbs are a dramatic improvement over the feeble OE bulbs on my C4 Picasso. Main beam penetration is outstanding, and the dipped pattern gives clear illumination along the verge without irritating oncoming drivers. After 1000 winter miles, I'm still delighted.

By David Bayne on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Nice

Nice lool, very good night vision!

By Jorge Oliveira on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Nightbreakers

Great bu;lb- second set I've bought!

By Dennys on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Laser Bulbs

I fitted these Night Breaker Laser bulbs to my Mercedes B class with super results. The light output is superb and has taken away the fear of not seeing well on poorly lit roads. I certainly would recommend this product.

By Keith G on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

2 Nightbreaker laser

Power bulbs were very good but unfortunately the bulbs were well below standard for a performance bulb. Fitted them to my 2015 A3 expecting good things but the light given out was no better than the stock ones which were also very poor.I took the NB lasers out and went with Bosch gigalight which gave double the brightness and well sited beams on the road. I also noticed that on removal the NB bulb tip covering had gone soft and was coming off which I do't think would have helped the beam position. Very disappointing and would definitely not recommend

By Rhd1 on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Bright and white!

Picked these up during the Black Friday sales and they are definitely brighter and whiter than the standard bulbs that came with my Fiesta ST3. Well worth the upgrade.

By Zico on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Great improvement over standards

Great improvement over the standard bulbs. Gret light temperature, a pleasant neutral white. Much less stress on the eyes. I would buy again especially because of shorter lifespan.

By Mihai on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Exellent products

Exellent product

By Yechiel on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 First tima i can actually say: "i can see"

Long time wanted to try good bulbs, never thought it is such a differece, bout for c4 and xsara picasso, very happy with those lights, tried h1, h4 and h7.. really good!

By Daniel on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

4 Bulbs did not fit

Some while ago I brought you H11 bulbs for my car, I then decided to fit them as they looked the same until I tried to fit them. They were to small for the holder. So I'm left with bulbs that do not fit any of my cars as they are all H7. The only way to find if the bulbs were the right ones was to open the pack. As you say you can't return bulbs that have been. Opened so I'm down around £25. Has anybody found this same with H11 bulbs

By Ted on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Night breaker

I made a mistake and ordered H7 instead of H4 that was intended for my Mitsubishi Triton/L200 To replace my HID kit. Lucky enough my Ford Fiesta takes H7 so I put them in there. I have the projector lense system in my Fiesta so naturally looses the distance factor but the brightness is great. Can't fault at all in city driving and country night driving. I will now have to buy the H1 so I can have them as high beam as well as low, and H4 for my Triton/L200. So as you can see I do recommend. Also was really fast postage from the UK to Australia and will be using power bulbs in the future to buy spare bulbs in the future.

By Brad on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Darn good

Compared to the standard bulbs these are impressive, huge difference, very very noticeable.. Compared to the Phillips bulbs these are pretty much the same. I've used both sets in my Focus and either or will be a good buy. Dump the OEM bulbs and get either these or the Phillips.

By Stutheterrorist on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Great improvment

Nightbraker Laser (H7 in my case) are a significant improvement , comparing with the OEM bulbs in my skoda octavia mk2. Not very white as xenon effect bulbs but much better output. I recommend them.

By Vangelis on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 i can see the road now!!

I changed out the oem bulbs which ran at about 3000k and now I can actually see whats on the road. big improvement!! These new bulbs are probably running at 4000k-5000k and the number of lumens produces a nice brighter white light on the road compared to the dingy yellow-ish light which i couldnt see even on dark roads without any street lights. I would highly recommend these bulbs!!

By Bob on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Another Winner

I've upgraded to these from the NB Unlimited and I must say you will notice the additional brightness immediately and the increase in throw is evident as well. I can't say they're whiter than the NB Unlimited by looking at the bulbs but on the road the increased brightness will make it seem that it is. The NB Laser is a brighter (no whiter) version of the NB Unlimited. Ideally, I'd personally want Osram to adopt the NB Laser specs and added more tint to achieve NB Unlimited levels of brightness with whiter light.

By Eiran on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Amazing lighting

Extremely satisfied with my purchase Best lighting I've seen with an h7 bulb As for the shipping, just perfect also Will do business again

By The PC Doctor on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 osram lazer

replaced my old osram night breaker plus{these were very good!!!!!} these new lazer are fantastic!!!! would highly reccomend!!!!good service, well done!!!!

By Taffybach on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 exelent

best bulbs till now. better than unlimited in brightness. But iguess worse in durability.

By Ukoprivepadu on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Even better bulbs than the night breaker unlimited

I was skeptical at first but after I have replaced my night breaker unlimited with the night breaker laser, I noticed even much brighter and whiter light immediately than the unlimited. You will notice it when you stop behind a white car at night. The beam length is longer than the unlimited I would say. Consider these are still halogen and not xenon bulbs, I am very impressed and will only stick with Osram (not Philips) as always. I am happy that I bought 4 pairs when on special. Don't mind the life expectancy at all since the purpose of upgrading the bulbs is to see better at night when driving. Worth the purchase!

By Aby T. on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 Much whiter light

Purchased these bulbs to replace my Osram night breaker unlimited lamps which i have been very pleased with to date.But the new night breaker laser units are streets ahead much whiter light with out doubt brighter and longer beam length, my only concern is what life expectancy maybe but only time will tell!Being used in ford fiesta projector style headlamps.

By S. Matthews on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 (Twin)

5 powerful beams

I used to have 4 Cibie Oscars on my cars but now with these I don't need them , and since changing to a BMW 330 its 4 headlights are brilliant and dipped beam lights up left side of road.

By John Derby on

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