Osram Night Breaker Laser H4 Car Headlight Bulbs


OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

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The new innovation in light has arrived! The OSRAM Night Breaker Laser range is the ideal choice for drivers who want maximum performance combined with new technology and a striking look.

Laser precision

The new OSRAM Night Breaker Laser range is uniquely designed to offer optimal performance and a striking look. A laser etched precision window ensures optimal light distribution on the road, meaning that you'll get a precise beam that's up to 40m longer than a standard halogen.

The pure Xenon gas filling, combined with a highly engineered filament, produces up to 130% more light on the road and a light that's up to 20% whiter than standard.

The bulb itself is etched with 'Night Breaker' for a distinctive appearance.

Maximum performance

With this extra light on the road, the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser increases your visibility of the road ahead. You'll be able to spot potential hazards with ease.

All Night Breaker Laser bulbs are fully road legal and ECE approved.

OSRAM Approved Partner

Counterfeit bulbs are an increasing problem in the automotive industry. OSRAM are now fighting back against fake lamps, and are helping customers to make the right choice when buying online.

As part of their Approved Partner Programme, we are authorised and recommended by OSRAM. When you shop with us, you’re getting the highest quality, genuine products, supplied to us directly by the manufacturer.

You can find out more about OSRAM’s Approved Partner Programme here.

Please note: due to their increased brightness, these bulbs are expected to have a shorter lifespan. We can only offer a 6 month warranty on the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser range.

FittingH4 (472)
Number of Bulbs2
Bulb TypeMaximum Performance
Kelvin Rating
Road LegalYes
RangeNight Breaker Laser

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Customer Reviews

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Power Bulbs

I have bought many Bulbs in the past, but I can honestly say that these Bulbs are the best Bulbs ever and I would recommend anyone to replace and upgrade your Bulbs with these Bulbs and you won't be disappointed.

By Frank on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

4 Osram Nightbreaker Laser

Happy with purchase. globes are noticeably brighter than standard H4's.


OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Osram 130+

The Osram 130+ is a great bulb. I have been buying my headlights from powerbulbs for my wife's and my car for near 2.5 years now, I have never had any issues with the service or quality of the products. Recently I have been using the bulbs in my truck which runs both day and night shifts doing approximately 25000km/month. The product perfect for the highway driving that we do, giving us plenty of light for wildlife and and other hazards on the road.

By Adam on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 H4 Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited

Excellent product that was delivered on time.


OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Bulb

The bulb is way better than OEM. It projects an ebeven light. Shipping was fast and the item was packed really well. Too early to tell if how long tlong the bulb will last. Will buy again from power bulb.

By Jun on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Quick and reliable service

Bought a few bulks from Powerbulbs in the past. The service is reliable and normally receive the delivery within 2 weeks. The OSRAM Night Breaker Laser is far brighter than the original bubs, extremely happy with the service and the products bought from this site.

By KL on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Super bright

I brought these because they were highly reccomend on the commodore forums. I must agree they are fantastic super bright they look good. Nice white light fantastic bulbs at an unbeatable price.

By David S on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Great Service....

Genuine product. Fast shipping to Australia. Grate customer service. Thank you.


OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Big upgrade over stock

These headlights are a big upgrade over stock lights, only downside is because the filament burns brighter it has a lower lifetime. The light is white with a very slight blue tinge. I had these delivered to Australia and they got here within a week from when i ordered so A+ there. This is my second set of Osram night breakers, first set lasted about 14 months.

By Brian on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Fabulous

Quality branded product with reasonable price

By Jimeesh Jose on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Genuine Products and Good Service

First upgrade from standard halogens. Very Happy with the service at powerbulbs. Matt and Will were very responsive and helpful . Happy with bulbs with unable to judge against the competition as I haven't used any other. The lower beam doesn't seem much brighter or whiter but the throw is good. The high beam is brighter and whitish in colour;Good throw as well. Will definitely return to powerbulbs.

By Joseph Thomas on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

4 OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

After installation both of the bulb, it helps on my visibility during driving at night. it was slightly white

By TC on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Great performers

This is around my third set of OSRAM Night Breakers. All of the OSRAM bulbs have blown the OEM bulbs out of the water. This new Laser model isn't so much brighter but it's definitely sharper on the road.

By Gavin on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Transporter cork

Hi power bulbs great up grade for My 2005 vw transporter tdi super Light !☺

By Transporter Cork on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 More light

I had the old series of night braker 50%, one get off and so I replaced them with laser ones. Difference is obvious, more light and whiter. It's worth it.

By Basil on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

4 osram

easy replacement,works well nice white light,better than the orignal that came with car,arrived on time very pleased thank you

By OSRAM Car Headlight Bulbs on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 so much brighter

the w124 headlights never were a strong point and I have been upgrading the bulbs at every opportunity, but these are the biggest step change to date , I just hope they last!

By Dave K on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Powerbulbs & Osram Fantastic

Firstly this is my second purchase from powerbulbs and they are simply the best and only place on the globe to meet your auto bulb requirements. Bulbs received in Sydney Australia in under 2 weeks. As for the bulbs the Osram Night Breaker Laser Bulbs are just Fantastic. Purchased in H4 for my mother's CRV, what a difference they have made. Before it was almost like driving in the dark the bulbs were so dull, now the whole road far ahead is well lit. Highly recommend these bulbs especially for safety. And again I can't recommend Powerbulbs highly enough.

By Matt on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Bada Bing!

We live in rural South Australia and there was a need to upgrade the other halfs globes from standard as I was already running a set of Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited in my car, (she has station wagon version of our Commodores). The lasers are just a touch better than the Unlimited... over standard they are just brilliant. They give just that little more 'spread' over the Osram Unlimited which is a comfort for spotting Skippy at night and a very impressive 'throw' down the road. Upgrading to these is well worth it, the prices here enabled me to upgrade both the H4's and H1's (Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited) at less than the price for a single set of Laser H4's everywhere else... too easy.. Love your work!

By Steve on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 What a difference

Great upgrade for my Peugeot 1007. Went from standard H4 ("Bosch Premium") to these, light is stronger, brighter and a bit whiter. Not as strong or white as on cars with xenon lights, but way better than before. The 1007 has useless ligths, but now they are actually more than ok. I can finally drive during the dark hours without cursing.

By Simon on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

4 Nice and bright

The forward light given by these bulbs is very good giving much better distance than the factory fitted bulbs,so picks out things earlier. The service given by powerbulbs is to be highly recommended.

By Rodirat on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 H4 lamps

Quick service, good packaging

By Pasindu on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Repeat customer

price was competitive and delivery date to Canada was within window indicated.

By Robertdigs on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Great quality and Service - Double AWESOME !!

Fast shipping, well packaged and arrived safely. performance of the bulb is just as described A+++. Highly Recommended.

By Zayan on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Great value and service

Fast shipping and best price!

By Ilan on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Beautiful light output

Although I'd like to compare them to the Phillips, the output of the new laser Osram looks fantastic. High beam appears almost like a small set of driving lights has been added. Certainly a good choice of bulb if you're looking for great output and style in one.

By Steve on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

4 Good but

I had the Philips Exterme Vision 130+ in the ute previously & i thought i would give the Osram Night Breaker's a go. These are good but i think the Extreme Vision have the edge over these for brightness & distance.

By Paul on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

4 good BUT

Good bulbs defiantly brighter than the normal H4s and great service from powerbulbs BUT they only guarantee these bulbs for six months I didn’t notice this until I had ordered them so I had a look around the internet you can get these with a 12 month guarantee so come on powerbulbs if other retailers will give 12 months why not you

By Brian on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

4 Low Beam to bright/High beam excellent!

The low beams are a little too bright for oncoming traffic and in fog. High beams are EXCELLENT and make up for really poor headlight design in my truck. Hoping with age that the low beams dim a bit.

By Red on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 laser h4

brilliant(no pun intended!)

By Bob on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Perfect

Best bulbs out there.buy them and you will not get disappointed.Only concers is will it last more than 2 months?In the past they did get burn afte 2-3 months. Fast delivery and very good packaging!

By Perfect on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

Very good lamps, strong light.


OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 First tima i can actually say: "i can see"

Long time wanted to try good bulbs, never thought it is such a differece, bout for c4 and xsara picasso, very happy with those lights, tried h1, h4 and h7.. really good!

By Daniel on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 H4

Great bulb but don't last ad long as normal bulbs otherwise ok

By Aschofield on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Night Breaker

Osram Night Breaker Laser bulbs well worth the money. Safer driving at night.

By Arta on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Bulb

The new osram night breaker laser H4 twin....these are brilliant. .I had night breaker unlimited they were very good....but the lasers are better

By Graham on

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H4 (Twin)

5 Great Product

thanks Powerbulbs... received the bulbs at good condition... thanks..

By Rommel on

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