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Sourcing speciality Philips or OSRAM automotive vehicle bulbs/lamps

Looking for a specific Philips/OSRAM automotive bulb/lamp?

PowerBulbs is an authorised distributor for Philips and OSRAM automotive lighting. We can source almost any lamp from their range for our customers.

If you are looking for a specific type of Philips or OSRAM vehicle light bulb or automotive lamp, then we may be able to help. This may be for a car, truck, wagon or other application.

The range we can offer is listed below. If the part number you require is listed then please contact us with details of your enquiry. We specifically need to know the part numbers required, the quantities and the delivery information. Please note that some items may be subject to minimum order quantities.

OSRAM Automotive Lighting

Part numbers available:

64150ULTHCB    448L+    ULTRALIFE H1 64150ULT
64150ULT    448L+    ULTRALIFE H1 64150ULT
64150ULT-01B    448L+    ULTRALIFE H1 64150ULT
64150ULT-02B    448L+    ULTRALIFE H1 64150ULT
64193ULTHCB    472L+    ULTRALIFE 9003 (HB2/H4) 64193ULT
64193ULT    472L+    ULTRALIFE 9003 (HB2/H4) 64193ULT  
64193ULT-01B    472L+    ULTRALIFE 9003 (HB2/H4) 64193ULT
64193ULT-02B    472L+    ULTRALIFE 9003 (HB2/H4) 64193ULT
64210ULTHCB    499L+    ULTRALIFE H7 64210ULT
64210ULT    499L+    ULTRALIFE H7 64210ULT
64210ULT-01B    499L+    ULTRALIFE H7 64210ULT
64210ULT-02B    499L+    ULTRALIFE H7 64210ULT
5007ULT    207L+    ULTRALIFE 5007ULT 12V 5W
5007ULT-02B    207L+    ULTRALIFE 5007ULT 12V 5W
6418ULT    239L+    ULTRALIFE 6418ULT
6418ULT-02B    239L+    ULTRALIFE 6418ULT
5008ULT    245L+    ULTRALIFE 5008ULT 12V 10W
5008ULT-02B    245L+    ULTRALIFE 5008ULT 12V 10W
7528ULT    380L+    ULTRALIFE 7528ULT 12V 21/5W
7528ULT-02B    380L+    ULTRALIFE 7528ULT 12V 21/5W
7506ULT    382L+    ULTRALIFE 7506ULT 12V 21W
7506ULT-02B    382L+    ULTRALIFE 7506ULT 12V 21W
64132ULT    434L+    ULTRALIFE 64132ULT 12V 6W  
64132ULT-02B    434L+    ULTRALIFE 64132ULT 12V 6W
2825ULT    501L+    ULTRALIFE 2825ULT 12V 5W
2825ULT-02B    501L+    ULTRALIFE 2825ULT 12V 5W
7507ULT    581L+    ULTRALIFE 7507ULT 12V 21W AMBER
7507ULT-02B    581L+    ULTRALIFE 7507ULT 12V 21W AMBER
64150SUP-01B    448+30    H1 SUPER+30%
64151SUP-01B    453+30    64151 H3+30 SUPER
64151SUP    453+30    H3 ALL SEASON SUPER Boxed
64193SUP-01B    472+30    9003 (HB2/H4) SUPER+30%
472ALS        9003 (HB2/H4) ALLSEASON Boxed
7507LDA-02B    DIA2BL    DIADEM 7507LDA 12V 21W
7508LDR-01B    RED DIADEM 7508 P21W BAY15D
7538LDR-01B    RED DIADEM 7508 P21W BAY15D
62200-01B    62200 12V 100W H1 481 OFF ROAD P14.5s
62203-01B    62203 12V 100/80W 9003 (HB2/H4) OFF ROAD P43t
64217-01B    64217 12V 65W H7 PX26d OFF ROAD     
66144    D1S    66042 D1S XENARC
66240    D2S    66240 12V 35W G/DISCHARGE
66154    D1R    66052 D1R XENARC
66250    D2R    66250 12V 35W G/DISCHARGE
66350    D3R    66350 D3R XENARC MERCURY FREE HID
66440    D4S    66440 D4S XENARC MERCURY FREE HID
66450    D4R    66450 D4R XENARC MERCURY FREE HID    
64155LTS    466HDLL+    64155LTS H1 24V 70W TRUCKSTAR P14,5s BOXED
64155LTS-01B    466HDLL+    64155LTS H1 24V 70W TRUCKSTAR P14,5s
64155LTSHCB    466HDLL+    TRUCKSTAR 64155LTS 24V 70W P14,5s
64156LTS    460HDLL+    64156LTS H3 24V 70W TRUCKSTAR PK22s
64156LTS-01B    460HDLL+    64156LTS H3 24V 70W TRUCKSTAR PK22s
64196LTS    475HDLL+    64196LTS 24V 75/70W 9003 (HB2/H4) TRUCKSTAR
64196LTS-01B    475HDLL+    64196LTS 24V 75/70W 9003 (HB2/H4) TRUCKSTAR
64196LTSHCB    475HDLL+    TRUCKSTAR 64196LTS 24V 75/70W H4
64215LTS    499AHDLL+    64215LTS H7 24V 70W TRUCKSTAR
64215LTS-01B    499AHDLL+    64215LTS H7 24V 70W TRUCKSTAR
64215LTSHCB    499AHDLL+    TRUCKSTAR 64215LTS 24V 70W PX26d
5637LTS    246HDLL    5637LTS 24V 10W BA15S TRUCKSTAR Boxed
5637LTS-02B    246HDLL    5637LTS 24V 10W BA15S TRUCKSTAR
5627LTS    248HDLL    5627LTS 24V 5W BA15S TRUCKSTAR Boxed
5627LTS-02B    248HDLL    5627LTS 24V 5W BA15S TRUCKSTAR
7511LTS    241HDLL    7511LTS 24V 21W BA15S TRUCKSTAR Boxed
7511LTS-02B    241HDLL    7511LTS 24V 21W BA15S TRUCKSTAR
7510LTS    588HDLL    7510LTS 24V 21W TRUCKSTAR Boxed
3930LTS    249HDLL    3930LTS 24V 4W BA9S TRUCKSTAR Boxed
3930LTS-02B    249HDLL    3930LTS 24V 4W BA9S TRUCKSTAR TWIN BLISTER    
5627    149    5627 24V 5W BA15S WP
5627-02B    149BL    5627-02B 24V 5W
5626    150    5626 24V 5W BA15D Boxed
3157    180    OSRAM 3157 12V 27/7W W2.1x16q Boxed
3156    182    OSRAM 3156 12V 27W W2.1x16d Boxed
5007    207    5007 12V 5W BA15S Boxed
5007-02B    207BL    5007-02B 12V 5W BA15S
5009        5009 12V  10W BAU15s Boxed
3893    233    3893 12V 4W BA9S Boxed
3893-02B    233BL    3893-02B 12V 4W BA9S
3886X        3886X 12V 6W BA9S Boxed
6418    239    6418 12V 5W SV8.5-8 Boxed
6418-02B    239BL    6418-02B 2V 5W FEST TWIN BLISTER
6486X        6486X 12V 6W FESTOON SV8 5-8 Boxed
7511    241    7511 24V 21W BA15S Boxed
7511-02B    241BL    7511-02B 24V 21W TWIN BLISTER
6423    242    6423 24V 5W SV8.5-8 FESTOON Boxed
6423-02B    242BL    6423-02B 24V 5W TWIN BLISTER
7529    243/212    7529 24V 15W BA15S Boxed
5008    245    5008 2V 10W BA15S Boxed
5008-02B    245BL    5008-02B 12V 10W BA15S TWIN BLISTER
5637    246    5637 24V 10W BA15S Boxed
5637-02B    246BL    5637-02B 24V 10W TWIN BLISTER
3930    249    3930 24V 4W BA9S Boxed
3930-02B    249BL    3930-02B 24V 4W TWIN BLISTER
6428    256    6428 12V 3W SV 7-8 Boxed
6413    258    6413 12V 5W SV5-8 Boxed
6424    260    6424 24V 5W SV8.5-8 FESTOON Boxed
6411    265    6411 12V 10W SV8.5-8 Boxed
6411-02B    265BL    6411-02B 12V 10W TWIN BLISTER
6438    269    6438 12V 10W 11/30mm Boxed
6475    270    OSRAM 6475 18W 12V SV8,5-8  Boxed     
6461    272    6461 12V 10W SV8.5-8 Boxed
6476    273    6476 12V 21W  FESTOON Boxed
6429    274    6429 24V 10W SV8.5-8 FESTOON Boxed
6430        OSRAM 6430 3W 24V SV7-8 Boxed
6453    276    6453 24V 15W SV8.5-8 FESTOON Boxed
6480    278    6480 24V 18W SV8.5-8 FESTOON Boxed
2723    284    2723 12V 2.3W W2X4.6d Boxed
2721    286    2721 12V 1.2W W2X4.6D Boxed
2721-02B    286BL    2721-02B 12V 1.2W TWIN BLISTER
2721MF    286T    2721MF 12V 1.2W B8.5D Boxed
3796    288    3796 12V 2W BA9S Boxed
2820    297 or 510    OSRAM 2820 12V 2W W2.1X9.5D T10 Boxed
2840    298    2840 24V 2W T10 W2.1X9.5d CAPLESS Boxed
7537    334/294    7537 24V 21/5W BAY15D boxed
7537-02B    334BL    7537-02B 24V 21/5W TWIN BLISTER
7528    380    7528 12V 21/5W BAY15D Boxed
7528-02B    380BL    7528-02B 12V 21/5W BAY15D TWIN BLISTER
7506    382    7506 12V 21W BA15S STOP & TAIL Boxed
7506-02B    382BL    7506-02B 12V 21W BA15S TWIN BLISTER
7504    382A/582A    7504 WY21W 21W WX3x16d AMBER Boxed
7505    382W/582    7505 W21W 12V 21W W3x16d Boxed
7505-02B    382W/582    7505 W21W 12V 21W W3x16d Twin Blister
7515    380W/580    7515 12V 21/5W W3X6Q Boxed
7515-02B    380W/580    7515 12V 21/5W W3X6Q Twin Blister
64115    433    64115 12V 20W BA9s MINIWATT BOXED
64122MF    433T2    64122MF 12V B10d brown Base Boxed
64124MF    433T    64124MF 12V 5W B10d black base Boxed
64138    433E/535    64138 24V 21W BAY9s OSP Boxed
64132    434    6413212V 6W BAX9s BOXED
64136    436    64136 12V 21W BAY9s  BOXED
64198    HB12    64198 HB12 12V 60/55W P45t OFF ROAD Boxed
64199    HB24    24V 75/70 P45 9003 (HB2/H4) A64199 Boxed
64183-01B    H2BL    64183-01B 12V 45/40W H2 SINGLE BLISTER
64150    448    64150 12V 55W H1 UV P14.5s Boxed
64150-01B    H448BL    64150-01B 12V 55W H1 SINGLE BLISTER
64150L    448L    64150L 12V 55W H1 LONG LIFE P14.5s Boxed
64151    453    64151 12V 55W H3 UV  PK22s Boxed
64151-01B    H453BL    64151-01B H3 12V 55W SINGLE BLISTER
64151L    453L    64151L 12V 55W H3 `LONGLIFE' PK22s Boxed
64152        64152 12V 100W PX14.5s OFF ROAD Boxed
64153        64152 12V 100W PKY22s OFF ROAD Boxed
64156    460    64156 24V 70W H3 PK22S Boxed
64156-01B    460BL    64156 24V 70W H3 PK22S
64155    466    64155 24V 70W H1 P14.5S Boxed
64155-01B    466BL    64155-01B 24V 70W H1 SINGLE BLISTER
64111    469/433A    64111 12V 5W BA9s MINIWATT BOXED
64113    470/433B    64113 12V 10W BA9s MINIWATT BOXED
64193    472    64193 12V 60/55W P43T 9003 (HB2/H4) Boxed
64193-01B    472BL    64193-01B 12V 60/55W 9003 (HB2/H4) SINGLE BLISTER
64193L    472L    64193L 12V 60/55W 9003 (HB2/H4) LONGLIFE P43TBoxed
94193    472HD    64193 12V 60/55W P43T 9003 (HB2/H4) Heavy Duty Boxed
64196    475    64196 24V 75/70W 9003 (HB2/H4) P43T Boxed
64196-01B    H475BL    64196-01B 24V 75/70W 9003 (HB2/H4) SINGLE BLISTER
64173    479    OSRAM 64173 12V 55W H2 Boxed
64175    480    24V 70W H2 64175 Boxed
62200    481    62200 12V 100W H1 481 OFF ROAD P14.5s Boxed
62201    483    62201 12V 100W H3 OFF ROAD Boxed
64194    484    64194 12V 100/80W 9003 (HB2/H4) OFF ROAD PU43t Boxed
62203    484    62203 12V 100/80W 9003 (HB2/H4) OFF ROAD P43t Boxed
64203    485    64203 12V 100/80W P45t OFF ROAD Boxed
64205        64205 12V 70/65W P43t OFF ROAD Boxed
64206        64206 12V 85/80W P43t OFF ROAD Boxed
64206ALL    64206ALL 12V 85/80W P43t ALLSEASON OFF ROAD Boxed
64210    499/477    64210 12V 55W H7  PX26d Boxed
64210-01B    H499BL    64210-01B 12V 55W H7 SINGLE BLISTER
64210L    499L    64210L 12V 55W H7 LONGLIFE PX26d Boxed
64217    499HW    64217 12V 65W H7 PX26d OFF ROAD Boxed
64218    499HW    64218 12V 65W H7 PX26d NO TIP OFF ROAD Boxed
64215    499A/775    24V 70W H7  H724V 64215 Boxed
64215-01B    499ABL    64215-01B 24V 70W H7 SINGLE BLISTER
2825    501    2825 12V 5W W2.1 X 9.5D BOXED BOXED
2825-02B    501BL    2825-02B 12V 5W T10 TWIN BLISTER
2827    501A    2827 12V 5W W/BASE AMBER BOXED
2827-02B    501ABL    2827-02B 12V 5W AMBER TWIN BLISTER
2886X        2886X 12V 6W  Xenon BOXED
2821    504    2821 12V 3W W2.1 X 9.5D BOXED
2821-02B    504BL    2821-02B 12V 3W T10 TWIN BLISTER
2841    505    2841 24V 3W W2.1X9.5d Boxed
2841-02B    505BL    2841 24V 3W W2.1X9.5d TWIN BLISTER
2845    507    2845 24V 5W W 2.1x9.5d Boxed
2845-02B    507BL    2845-02B 24V 5W TWIN BLISTER
2341        2341 24V 1W CAPLESS Boxed
2741    508    2741 24V 1.2W W2X4.6d Boxed
2741MF    508T    2741MF 24V 1.2W B8.5d Plastic base Boxed
2741MF8        OSRAM 2741MF8 24V 1.2W B8.3d Slate grey Boxed
2741MFX        2741MFX 24V 1.2W Copper Brown BX8.5d
2473MFX6    509TMOR    OSRAM 2473MFX6 12V 1.1W BX8.4d Pale Orange Boxed
2721MF8    509TBBK    OSRAM 2721MF8 12V 1.2W B8.3d Black Boxed
2351MFX6    509TMBK    OSRAM 2351MFX6 12V 1.2W BX8.4d Black Boxed
2431MFX6    OSRAM 2431MFX6 12V 1.3W BX8.4d Olive Green Boxed
2452MFX6    509TMBE    OSRAM 2452MFX6 12V 1.5W BX8.4d Beige Boxed
2752MF    508TBE    OSRAM 2752MF 12V 1.5W B8.5d Beige Boxed
2722MF8    509TBWH    OSRAM 2722MF8 12V 2W B8.3d White Boxed
2722MF        OSRAM 2722MF 12V 2W B8.5d Lime Green Boxed
2352MFX6    509TMGR    OSRAM 2352MFX6 12V 2W BX8.4d Pale green  Boxed
7225    566    7225 12V 21/4W BAZ15D BOXED
7225-02B    566BL    7225-02B 12V 21/4W BAZ15D TWIN BLISTER
7507    581    7507 12V 21W BAU15S AMBER BOXED
7507-02B    581BL    7507-02B 12V 21W BAU15S TWIN BLISTER
3894    643    3894 12V 3W BA9s BOXED
64212    708    64212 H8 12V 35W H8 PGJ19-1 Boxed
64213    709    64213 H9 12V 65W PGJ19-5 Boxed
9145    710    9145 H10 12V 42W PY20D Boxed
64211    711    64211 H11 12V 55W H11 PGJ19-2  Boxed
64211-01B    711BL    64211-01B H11 12V 55W SINGLE BLISTER
880    880    H27/1 12V 27W PG13 Boxed
881    881    12V 27W PGJ13
9005    9005    9005 12V 60W HB3  Boxed
9005-01B    9005BL    HB3BL 9005 12V 60W SINGLE BLISTER
9006    9006    9006 12V 51W HB4 Boxed
9006-01B    9006BL    HB4BL 12V 51W 9006 SINGLE BLISTER
64176    H15    64176 H15 12V 15/55W PGJ23t-1
9007    9007    9007 12V 65/55W PX29T HB5 Boxed
9005XS    9005XS    9005XS 12.8V 65W HB3A Boxed
9006XS    9006XS    9006XS 12.8V 55W HB4A Boxed
921        OSRAM 921 12V 16W BOXED
2722    924    2722 MF 12V 2W W2X4.6D BOXED
2722-02B    2722BL    2722-02B 12V 2W T5 TWIN BLISTER
3860    989    3860 12V 5W BA9s BOXED
2357A        2357A 12,8V 30/28W BA15d Boxed
7240        7240 21/5W 12V BA15D 5XFS10 LF     
7244        OSRAM 7244 18/5W 24V BAY15D Boxed
509961        12V MINIWATT Tacho Bulb Kit
509962        24V MINIWATT Tacho Bulk Kit
ALBMH4        9003 (HB2/H4) 12V MINI BULB KIT
CLKH424        CLKH424 9003 (HB2/H4) 24V  BULB KIT
CLKH724        CLKH724 H7 24V BULB KIT

Is the part you require listed above? If so, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Philips Automotive Lighting

Part numbers available:

D2S ColourMatch    85122CMC1
D2R ColourMatch    85126CMC1
D4S    42402C1
D4R    42406C1
D3S    42302C1
D3R    42306C1
H1 Spot    12258SPC1
H2    12311C1
H8    12360C1
H9    12361C1
H13    9008C1
HB1    9004C1
H10    9145C1
HB5    9007C1
R2    12620B1
R2    12620C1
R2 Halogen    12475B1
R2 Halogen    12475C1
Bax Tool Box 12V    55502GKKM
BA7    12829CP
BA7 T 6,8    12828CP
BAX 8,3/1,35 Black    12597B2
BAX 8,3/1,35 Black    12597CP
BAX 8,3/1,5 Blue    12602CP
BAX 8,5d/1,5 Blue    12603CP
BAX 8,5d/2 Black    12598B2
BAX 8,5d/2 Black    12598CP
BAX 8,5d/2 Green    12600CP
BAX B10d Black    12615CP
BAX B10d Brown    12614CP
BAX B8,4d Light Blue    12623CP
BAX B8,5d Beige    12637CP
BAX B8,5d Green    12604CP
BAX BX8,4d Beige    12627CP
BAX BX8,4d Beige    12629CP
BAX BX8,4d Black    12625CP
BAX BX8,4d Light Green    12626CP
BAX BX8,4d Olive Green    12628CP
BAX BX8,4d Orange    12624CP
BAX BX8.5d Violet    12640CP
BAX BX8.5d White    12638CP
C5W    12844B2
C5W    12844CP
Festoon T10,5X38    12854CP
Festoon T10,5X43    12866B2
Festoon T10,5X43    12866CP
Festoon T10,5X43    12864CP
Festoon T15X43    12850CP
Festoon T15X43    12807CP
Festoon T6,2x27    12818CP
Festoon T6,2x27    12848CP
Festoon TW10,5X38    12145CP
Festoon TW10,5X38    12609CP
Festoon TW10,5X43    12144CP
Festoon TW15X43    12048CP
H10W    12024CP
H20W    12025CP
H21W    12356CP
H27W/1    12059C1
H27W/2    12060C1
H5W    12023CP
H6W    12036B2
H6W    12036CP
P13W    12277C1
P21/4W    12594B2
P21/4W    12594CP
P21/5W    12499B2
P21/5W    12499CP
P21/5W RED    12495CP
P21W    12498B2
P21W    12498CP
PR21W    12088CP
PS19W     12085C1
PS24W     12086C1
PSX24W     12276C1
PSY19W    12275C1
PSY24W    12188NAC1
PY21W    12496NAB2
PY21W    12496NACP
PY24W    12190C1
PY24W    12274SV+C1
R10W    12814B2
R10W    12814CP
R5W    12821B2
R5W    12821CP
R5W    12822CP
RY10W    12093CP
S-8    1157CP
STOP G18    12413CP
STOP GW22    12571CP
STOP P22    12401CP
STOP P22    12402CP
STOP P25    12445CP
STOP P25    12500CP
T10    7778CP
T2W    12913CP
T3W    12910CP
T4W    12929B2
T4W    12929CP
T-5    904CP
T-5    906CP
T-5    912CP
T-5    921CP
W1,2W    12516B2
W1,2W    12516CP
W16W    12067B2
W16W    12067CP
W2,2W    12960CP
W2,3W    12061CP
W21/5W    12066B2
W21/5W    12066CP
W21W    12065CP
W2W    12505CP
W3W    12256B2
W3W    12256CP
W5W    12961B2
W5W    12961CP
WB T10    12040VPB2
WB T5    12521CP
WR5W    12951CP
WY21W    12071B2
WY21W    12071CP
WY5W    12396NAB2
WY5W    12396NACP
H3 MasterDuty BlueVision    13336MDBVS2
H3 MasterDuty BlueVision    13336MDBVB1
9003 (HB2/H4) MasterDuty BlueVision    13342MDBVS2
9003 (HB2/H4) MasterDuty BlueVision    13342MDBVB1
H7 MasterDuty BlueVision    13972MDBVS2
H1 MasterLife    13258MLC1
H3 MasterLife    13336MLC1
9003 (HB2/H4) MasterLife    13342MLC1
H7 MasterLife    13972MLC1
H11 MasterLife    24362MLC1
H1 MasterDuty    13258MDB1
H1 MasterDuty    13258MDC1
H3 MasterDuty    13336MDB1
H3 MasterDuty    13336MDC1
9003 (HB2/H4) MasterDuty    13342MDB1
9003 (HB2/H4) MasterDuty    13342MDC1
H7 MasterDuty    13972MDB1
H7 MasterDuty    13972MDC1
H11 MasterDuty    24362MDC1
H2    13311C1
R2    13620B1
R2    13620C1
H3 Rally    13628RAC1
9003 (HB2/H4) Rally    24569RAC1
P21W HeavyDuty LongerLife    24004HDLLCP
P21W HeavyDuty LongerLife    13498HDLLCP
PY21W HeavyDuty LongerLife    13496HDLLCP
R5W HeavyDuty LongerLife    13821HDLLCP
R5W HeavyDuty LongerLife    13822HDLLCP
R10W HeavyDuty LongerLife    13814HDLLCP
T4W HeavyDuty LongerLife    13929HDLLCP
P21W HeavyDuty    13498HDCP
R5W HeavyDuty    13821HDCP
R10W HeavyDuty    13814HDCP
T4W HeavyDuty    13929HDCP
Bax Tool Box 24V    55551GKKM
BA7    13829CP
BAX 8,3s/1,35 Grey    13597CP
BAX 8,5d/2 Grey    13598CP
BAX 8,5d/2 Yellow    24029CP
BAX Beige    24766CP
BAX Brown    24506CP
BAX BX8.5d Brown    24032CP
BAX Grey    24606CP
C5W    13844B2
C5W    13844CP
Festoon T10,5x38 10W    13854CP
Festoon T10,5x38 5W    13855CP
Festoon T10,5x43 10W    13866CP
Festoon T10,5x43 5W    13864CP
Festoon T15X43    13850CP
Festoon T15X43    13807CP
Festoon T6,2x27    13818CP
Festoon T6,2x35    13848CP
Festoon TW10,5x43 5W    13856CP
Festoon TW15X43    24030CP
H21W    24356CP
P21/5W    13499B2
P21/5W    13499CP
P21W    13498B2
P21W    13498CP
P21W    24004CP
R10W    13814B2
R10W    13814CP
R5W    13821B2
R5W    13821CP
R5W    13822CP
Stop GW22    13571CP
Stop P22    13401CP
Stop P22    13402CP
Stop P25    13445CP
Stop P25    13418CP
Stop P25    13500CP
Stop T16    13413CP
T10    7779CP
T2W    13913CP
T3W    13910CP
T4W    13929B2
T4W    13929CP
W2,5W    13960CP
W3W    13256B2
W3W    13256CP
W5W    13961B2
W5W    13961CP
WB T5    13516CP
WB T5    13974CP
WB T5    13521CP
WB T5    24516CP
MasterDuty MiniKit    
KIT H1    55552SKMDKM
KIT H3    55553SKMDKM
KIT H4    55554SKMDKM
KIT H7    55555SKMDKM
KIT H1/H7    55556SKMDKM
MasterDuty MaxiKit    
KIT H1/H3/H7    55557LKMDKM
KIT H1/H3/H4    55558LKMDKM
KIT H4    55559LKMDKM
KIT H7    55560LKMDKM
KIT H1/H7    55561LKMDKM

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