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HID MoT Failures

HID MoT Failures

19th June 2012

Post Tagged: Headlight Bulbs

HID Mot Failures

High Intensity Discharge Xenon headlights are now under Ministry of Transport and VOSA scrutiny. Many suggest HID’s are too bright and cause other road users dazzle; an argument that has brought an enforcement of law  

HID Xenon lights have been around unregulated since the early 90’s, Fitted to the highest Marques. HID lights became regulated in 2010, ensuring that all new vehicles with an HID system must have automatic shutdown, self levelling system and headlamp washers.

Many cars were built prior to the 2010 legislation with a factory HID system. These vehicles are not required to have Washers and Levellers, however if fitted they MUST be in full working order to pass the MoT.

Cases have arisen where testers are failing vehicles manufactured with HID’s prior to the 2010 legislation as they did not have washers and levellers. VOSA states in its regulations ‘A car with HID lights MAY also have headlight washers and self levelling which must be checked and in working order if fitted’

This confusion may be caused due to the ready availability of spurious HID systems that fail to meet VOSA regulation. These ‘Kits’ are what testers should be looking for as many safety features are omitted, features which are a standard on factory fitted HID systems.

Xenon technology standard fitment bulbs are readily available as an alternative to retro fitment HID lights. These fully road legal bulbs closely mimic HID lights without the outlay and potential MoT failure.

Image Credit: Flickr

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