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Are high wattage headlight bulbs legal?


Are high wattage headlight bulbs legal?

7th October 2008

Post Tagged: Xenon HID, Wattage, High, Headlight Bulbs

Are high wattage headlight bulbs legal?

Traditionally, the only way to get more light on the road was to increase the wattage of the headlight bulb used. That seems a logical idea, doesn't it? Well, it's true that increasing the wattage does increase the light output, but it can also cause a number of problems, including:

  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Increased heat which can melt wiring and/or plastic lenses

As a result, high wattage bulbs are not legal in the EU. Advances in car headlight bulb technology now make it possible to get more light on the road, stay road legal and experience reasonable longevity. This new generation of products utilise xenon gas - a more efficient and effective gas. Quality Xenon bulbs can deliver up to 90% more light on the road, with some of the leading products being Philips X-treme Vision +130 and Osram Night Breaker Unlimited. These products:

  • Deliver up to 130% more light on the road
  • Generate no extra heat
  • Will not melt or discolour plastic lenses
  • Are fully road legal in the EU
  • Give a whiter, crisper light and longer beam

Motorists are therefore advised to utilise these technological advances and upgrade their headlights to xenon bulbs.You can order the latest upgrade headlight bulbs, with free worldwide shipping, from the leading car and motorcycle headlight bulbs specialist, PowerBulbs.

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