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How much does it cost to change a headlight bulb?

How much does it cost to change a headlight bulb?

4th September 2008

Post Tagged: Renault, Megane, Five, Fifth Gear, Change, Headlight Bulbs

For most people changing a bulb will take 15 minutes or so. Five TV's Fifth Gear programme found a (thankfully!) unusual case of the Renault Megane, which requires owners to take the vehicle to the main dealer to change a bulb. Other bloggers have also noted the same problem. This is clearly costly, impractical and potentially dangerous, particularly if both bulbs were to fail and access to a dealership wasn't available - i.e. at Christmas or on holiday.[brightcove 1732351313 Renault Megane headlight bulb change]Ultimately, your headlight bulbs are a vital part of safe driving, particularly as the autumn approaches and the dark nights set in. It's therefore vital to have good access to the headlight in all our cars. Admittedly, sometimes vehicle manufacturers don't always make it as easy to access the rear of the headlight as they could do, but for the vast majority it's an achievable task.Similarly, by installing original equipment products - such as Philips X-treme Power - you're installing the highest quality, tested and compliant in accordance with European regulations, which should ensure longer interval periods. Moreover, as well as a good lifespan, you'll also benefit from 80% more light on the road!Find upgrade car bulbs for your vehicle - buy securely online with free worldwide delivery.

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